2nd Edition
16-17 March 2019,
Ark Hotel And Resorts
Rudrapur (Uttarakhand)

Why Rampur?

Rampur is a city and a municipality in and headquarters of Rampur District in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It was formerly known for its various industries, including sugar refining, rice milling and cotton milling. Rampur and surrounding districts like Bareilly, Moradabad etc has a predominant area under cultivation of rice and sugar.

Kemri is a small town in Rampur with local businesses ranging from Rice Mills, Transports, Mentha oil to Bricks etc. More than 30% of work force is engaged in the Rice Milling business. There are more than 300 modern rice mills in and around Kemri. Apart from these, hundreds of traditional & small rice and grain mills with basic equipments like hullers are also present in the vicinity of Kemri. Due to high concentration of rice mills in the area, a lot of emerging & wannabe entrants are expected to participate & visit the exhibition.

As far technology used in these rice mills is concerned; these rice mills are not using hi-tech rice milling equipments. There is a huge gap between available technology for the rice milling and its uses in these so-called modern rice mills. Only, very few rice mills are up-to-date. This provides a window of opportunities for the rice milling technology providers to reach to this overwhelming cluster of rice mills.

Thus to provide the latest technology to the rice millers, Key2Green is conducting rice mill tech expo 2018 this is an excellent plate form to act as buyer-seller meet for the technology providers and its users.

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